ThermaCal® 1 and 2 Ventilated Roof Insulation Panels are composite ventilated roof insulation panels combining (standard) OSB sheathing, an air space made by solid wood spacers, and polyisocynurate. The standard 1" vent space layout leaves over 92% open vent area for maximum airflow. 7/16" OSB is standard and 5/8" or 3/4" OSB or plywood and fire/pressure treated sheathing is available for special applications. ThermaCal®1 Ventilated Roof Insulation Panels = "The Original Ventilated Roof Insulation", performing on roofs all over America since 1987!

  • Exclusive tongue-and-groove design reduces heat loss up through panels
  • The largest vent cross section available-
    10 per ft. run
  • Over 86% open for up the slope ventilation
  • Over 50% open area for lateral ventilation
  • Allows air flow in all directions to give improved cooling and ventilation throughout the roof area, especially at hips and valleys
  • Over 92% open area - spacers occupy only 8% of panel area
  • Solid wood spacers less than 12" apart in both directions to minimize deflection of top sheathing
  • Sheathing is pre-spaced for thermal expansion

Preferred for insulating outside of the structural roof deck for many different sloped-roof constructions including:

  • Perfect for Cathedral Ceilings, Glue Lam and Post & Beam structures.
  • Ideal solution for a conditioned attic space to protect HVAC and sprinkler systems
  • Reroofing applications
  • Viable in green and sustainable building designs
  • Provides insulating value while ventilating the roof assembly
  • Allows moisture to escape
  • Reduces snow melt in winter due to cold roof surface, retarding ice dam formation
  • Machined panels fit tight, minimizing heat loss
  • Helps you get the most value from your roofing investment

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